Jasko patterns


I met Jasco through my neighbor and we immediately became friends. Some people click, and through scrabble games, and long talks on the porch I realized he was an excellent and better, a scientific doodler. I was jealous of his craft, envious of his artistic consistency. His steady hand and a penchant for graphic organics gave me the idea of collaborating by stealing his art and morphing and duplicating it into tiny patterns and formally balanced reproductions, and then tweeking it to look sort of 3D(with his encouragement of course). Well, it worked, and we’re now putting together a series of images I call aliens among us. Have a looks and see what you think. It is sometimes hard to believe the images came from the same sketch originally and yet we bring them to their extreme, and it’s hard to say which is more appealing. You decide.

Either way, Jasko, you rock. We’re planning on making fabric and large scale reproductions of our best collaborations, and breaking new barrriers of 2 D work. Jasco, a Muslim, was born and lived in Bosnia until several of his family members including his father was killed in the horrific genocide surrounding his childhood, and was smuggled into Germany where he stayed until high school. He brought his wore torn mother to US about ten years ago and she died of a broken heart and spirit soon after. Jasko reminds me of the infinity of love and triumph and his life makes mine seem minimal and fairy tale like and I admire his spirit and persistence against all odds  life throws us.

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I Like the three D effect of this one. like glass on glass painted on back.



okay, i couldn’t resist.

Here’s on Jasco drew that has an asian feel i think…

and this one Jasko likes a lot.

Above is Jasko’s Mark. It makes for an incredible fabric when tiled and altered overlapping.

okay, maybe this one is a little, dark , but look closely

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