…mostly at night in the dark.

For years, Karen and I have made a living off of what we love most: Communication Arts. This is our way of thanking all of our loyal clients and friends by presenting more whimsical and off the wall projects that we’ve had a hand in, or that we admire. Some creative directors called asking, “Did you send this to me?  Others liked it. A few were pleasantly appalled, which was our goal. I thank you for your visit here, and am honored by your visit. Most of all, I hope you enjoy your day job as much as I do and that life is grand for you. As my Dad always said, Don’t take yourself, or anything else, for that matter, too seriously. Laugh, Love, Live.

For your viewing pleasure, I invite you to submerge yourself in this short political commentary and one time business promotion piece, OPERATION:DEPTHCHARGE

Note: Be sure and watch until the very end for some excellent music by our friend and client, COBY KOEHL, and for a few other morsels at the end of the movie. Also Double Thanks to Josh Sneider, Underwater photography, Todd Budnikas, Our Programmer, and Christopher Farrell, animal trainer, and co owner of Penny, Poopstein. Please Watch

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